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How do I find my tyre size ?

The easiest and only accurate way to find your tyre size is to look on the sidewall of your tyre. Quite often people and certain online tyre companies will say that you can check in the vehicle handbook while some sites also claim to tell you your tyre size from your registration – Both of these methods can be inaccurate as a handbook will tell you what could be on the car and not necessarily what is on the car while the method of checking a database against your registration is also not 100% accurate. From experience, On The Spot Tyres advise that the only accurate method of finding your correct tyre size is to physically look at the sidewall of the tyre.

The numbers on the sidewall of your tyre will be formatted similar to the image on the left which shows a tyre size of 205 / 55 R 16 91v. This is the format that all car tyres take but the numbers and letters can change from car to car. It is worth checking that the tyre size on the front of the car is the same as the tyre size on the rear. More and more car manufacturers are using different sizes across the front and the rear.