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PunctureSafe seals punctures permanently and for the life of the tyre.

PunctureSafe will give you a controlled deflation if the integrity of the tyre has been compromised.

PunctureSafe helps extend tyre life as better coverage over the “inner tyre” eliminates porosity giving optimised tyre pressures,with the added benefit of improved fuel economy and safer vehicle handling

PunctureSafe is water based for quick and easy clean out from the tyre

PunctureSafe provides a coating that clings to more of the inner tyre, thereby providing protection for the tyre at all times

PunctureSafe maintains air pressure, retards aging within the casing, reduces heat build-up and increase tyre life

PunctureSafe’s thixotropic polymer gel stretches over the inner tyre giving good coverage with a very thin layer no thicker than 2 or 3mm, and that is the reason balance problems do not occur with PunctureSafe.