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How quickly can you attend and can I specify a time and date ?

On The Spot Tyres, subject to workload and your fitting address, can often attend next day or any day onwards including Saturdays and Sundays and evenings by appointment at no extra charge.

Same day may be available depending on what tyres you need and where about’s you are located. For same day we suggest you call us on 087 9793164 and check availability. If we are unable to schedule your fitment for same day we will advise and discuss whatever options we have to get your tyres replaced as quickly as possible.

It is very difficult to specify an exact time as we can encounter many things that may change the way we schedule the work up until the last minute. If you need to have the work done AM, PM, outside of school run times or lunch hours then there are various options available when booking online or if you prefer to book by phone just discuss your availability with the control centre at the time of booking.

Quite often we experience exceptional levels of work that may mean your requested date / time is not possible. We will do everything we can to reschedule a date / time that causes as little inconvenience as possible. We understand this is not always going to be acceptable.