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On The Spot Tyres have set new standards in car tyre replacement with our Mobile Car Tyre Replacement Service. The service provided by On The Spot Tyres is the same, if not better, than the service you would receive if you were to take your car to a regular tyre and wheel centre with the benefits of convenience, competitive pricing and dedicated one to one service and also leaving you free to carry on with whatever you need to do without losing time.

Why go to a garage when On The Spot Tyres can come to you in the comfort of your own home or office and replace your tyres with minimal disruption for less ?

Here are some frequently asked questions

1. Why should I choose On The Spot Tyres for my car tyre replacement ?

2. How do I find my tyre size ?

3. What payment methods do you accept ?

4. How quickly can you attend and can I specify a time and date ?

5. Is the mobile tyre service fully inclusive of new valves, wheel balancing, disposal of the old tyres and VAT ?

6. How can your mobile tyre service be cheaper than the high street tyre supliers when you have to come to me ?

7. Do you balance the wheels when new tyres are fitted ?

Why should I choose On The Spot Tyres for my car tyre replacement ?

We firmly believe we are the best in the business when it comes to mobile tyre fitting. Our team has many years of experience specialising specifically in mobile tyre fitting and as a result we understand exactly what is required to perform a mobile tyre replacement at a home or work location efficiently and professionally. We take the hassle out of having your tyres replaced by coming to you and performing your car tyre replacement while you carry on what you are doing. We carefully control our overheads which means we can keep our tyre prices very competitive at all times.

Why go to a garage when you can sit in the comfort of your home or workplace without losing any of your free time or lunch hour. Add to this a saving of up to 30% against the high street and we make tyre replacement almost a pleasurable experience.

Is the Mobile Tyre Service fully inclusive of new valves, wheel balancing, disposal of the old tyres and VAT ?

Tyre prices quoted on the phone are always fully inclusive of new valves (excluding metal or pressure sensor), electronic wheel balancing of steel, alloy wheels, disposal of any tyres we replace and VAT at 21% 13.5%.

One thing which many people misunderstand and think is included is “Tracking”. This is a mechanical adjustment of the steering to make sure that the front wheels of the vehicle are correctly aligned. This setting is not affected when we remove your wheels and replace your tyres. Misalignment is one of the main contributors to premature tyre wear often proving worse on the inner or outer edges of the front tyres. On The Spot Tyres do not adjust a vehicles alignment / tracking as in order to get a correct reading the vehicle needs to be on a flat surface such as a vehicle ramp and not a surface such as a road, driveway or car park.

Although we do not carry out alignment / tracking adjustments with our mobile tyre service, all our technicians are able to advise you whether, in their opinion, your alignment / tracking is set incorrectly and the best course of action to take. This advise can only be given by viewing the worn tyres.

Note: We have a minimum job value of €85.00 i.e 2 tyres. If your order is less than our minimum job value then a surcharge will be applicable for the difference.

Example: Your Order Value: €76.50 Minimum Job Value: €85.00 Surcharge: €8.50 = TOTAL COST: €85.00



What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept payment at the time of fitting by Debit card or Credit card or cash only.

What is the “Buy 4 – Save an additional 5%” deal ?

When your purchase 4 or more tyres, to be fitted at the same location, in one visit, we will discount your total purchase by 5%. The 4 tyres could be for the same car or you could even have 4 different size tyres to be shared between 4 different cars – It does not matter as long as all the cars are at the same location and all the tyres can be fitted in one visit.

If you are at work, why not order tyres collectively with your colleagues – If you order more than 4 tyres between you there is automatically 5% off the order. All that needs to be done is to make sure all cars are available on an agreed date / time. The same applies at your home address. If you have a couple of cars then have tyres replaced at the same time and enjoy the discount. Order tyres with a neighbour and again save 5% if the order is for 4 or more.

If you are unsure whether your order will qualify for this additional discount then please Contact Us before you place your order. We always try to be as flexible as possible and if we can bend that little bit further to help then we will.

We offer this discount because it costs us nothing extra than a little time if you order 4 tyres. Our costs become less by selling the 4 tyres because we do not have the additional costs involved in driving somewhere else or visiting you twice. This allows us to pass more of our savings back to you making our already low tyre prices even lower and keeping you, the customer, happy.



How quickly can you attend and can I specify a time and date ?

On The Spot Tyres, subject to workload and your fitting address, can often attend next day or any day onwards including Saturdays and Sundays and evenings by appointment at no extra charge.

Same day may be available depending on what tyres you need and where about’s you are located. For same day we suggest you call us on 087 9793164 and check availability. If we are unable to schedule your fitment for same day we will advise and discuss whatever options we have to get your tyres replaced as quickly as possible.

It is very difficult to specify an exact time as we can encounter many things that may change the way we schedule the work up until the last minute. If you need to have the work done AM, PM, outside of school run times or lunch hours then there are various options available when booking online or if you prefer to book by phone just discuss your availability with the control centre at the time of booking.

Quite often we experience exceptional levels of work that may mean your requested date / time is not possible. We will do everything we can to reschedule a date / time that causes as little inconvenience as possible. We understand this is not always going to be acceptable.

How do I find my tyre size ?

The easiest and only accurate way to find your tyre size is to look on the sidewall of your tyre. Quite often people and certain online tyre companies will say that you can check in the vehicle handbook while some sites also claim to tell you your tyre size from your registration – Both of these methods can be inaccurate as a handbook will tell you what could be on the car and not necessarily what is on the car while the method of checking a database against your registration is also not 100% accurate. From experience, On The Spot Tyres advise that the only accurate method of finding your correct tyre size is to physically look at the sidewall of the tyre.

The numbers on the sidewall of your tyre will be formatted similar to the image on the left which shows a tyre size of 205 / 55 R 16 88V. This is the format that all car tyres take but the numbers and letters can change from car to car. It is worth checking that the tyre size on the front of the car is the same as the tyre size on the rear. More and more car manufacturers are using different sizes across the front and the rear.

How can your mobile tyre service be cheaper than the local garage?

On The Spot Tyres have incredibly strong buying power combined with low overheads that helps us to keep the price of our tyres competitive. We purchase and fit hundreds of tyres on a weekly basis and obtain good discounts from our suppliers because of this volume. Our prices are constantly being monitored to ensure we remain the perfect choice for “Hassle Free, Convenient and Competitive” tyre replacement.

Do you balance the wheels when new tyres are fitted ?

Our Mobile Car Tyre Fitting vehicles are all equipped with Electronic Wheel Balancers to ensure that when we replace your tyres we can also balance the wheel to make sure there is no vibration or shudder when the vehicle travels at increased speed. All our balancers are capable of balancing wheels including steel rims and alloy rims.

Where possible our tyre fitters will balance your alloy wheels without the weights being visible on the outside of the wheel.